Rynkeby Maskinfabrik makes a virtue of being more than just your supplier of machining. We are your cooperation partner, whether you are a customer or a subcontractor.

It is part of our corporate culture that together we make each other stronger. Therefore, we give priority to the close and good cooperation, which means that we can constantly offer the best possible solution for you as a customer. In that way you get a solution that fits exactly to your needs.

This position has characterized us for more than 120 years – and it creates value for you as a customer to know which properties have formed our business. We traditionally adhere to the same values in everyday life and create identity among our employees by keeping focus on cooperation and close relationship.

Social responsibility

At Rynkeby Maskinfabrik are we aware of our social responsibility, and therefore we have, among other things, several employments on special terms and 3 apprenticeships.

Professionally competent and committed employees are without doubt our most important resource, and we are aware of that. The high quality and flexibility, we can offer, is created by our ability to prioritize the good dialogue between employees. It has created a working environment with a high presence and low absenteeism.

We have arranged our workflows so that they are reactive and ready for a quick changeover. We are working in a 24-hour operation, which makes us quick and efficient, and furthermore we process both small and large product series. In addition, we are able to make a quick conversion between the different materials.

All our components are quality assured by our 3D measuring machine, which documents all measurements down to the last millimetre. Moreover, we are of course ISO 9001 certified, which gives you as a customer a quality assurance.

To be innovative and constantly open up to new production opportunities means that we as a company constantly develop. We keep up to date and continuously further educate our employees to avoid being stuck in a professionally conventional thinking. At the same time, we give high priority to employing apprentices, who with their young minds and fresh eyes challenge and develop our ability to innovate.

More than 120 years of experience

For more than 120 years, Rynkeby Maskinfabrik A/S has delivered and developed unique solutions for our customers. With a passion for the traditional and solid craftsmanship, machine manufacturer Jacob Rasmussen founded Rynkeby Maskinfabrik in 1895. The machines are today more advanced, efficient and accurate, but Jacob Rasmussen’s passion for the good solid craftsmanship is still in focus.

Funen roots

Our affiliation to Funen and not least Rynkeby is large. Today, our office is located where founder Jacob Rasmussen lived from 1876-1895. This was where he started up as self-employed and set up his first machine shop. It is also here Rynkeby Maskinfabrik through time has grown into a healthy business with approx. 40 employees and 6000 square metres under roof.

Although today we deliver machining to more than 50 different industries, we have our Funen roots in mind. The Funen local community is based on close cooperation and good business acumen. It has been part of shaping Rynkeby Maskinfabrik and lives on in the spirit of Jacob Rasmussen. A good reputation and the ability to cooperate with the surrounding businesses have brought us where we are today. We develop our business by cooperating across all industries and organisations, as we know that a good reputation and good cooperation will take us far.